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Water Repelling Dog Walking Harness

Water Repelling Dog Walking Harness



XTD Foam Water Repelling Walking Harness

Many dogs love spending time in the water. If you live near a river or the sea then you will know the pleasure your dog gets from splashing around. They cant resist jumping in for a swim whatever the weather.

The first foam water repelling dog walking harness.


  • Comfortable
  • Effective
  • Even when soaked will not rot
  • Made of closed cell foam common in the manufacture of sled dog harnesses
  • Foam does not absorb water, and will not freeze if dogs are playing in snow
  • The harness is ultra light

Currently we offer these harnesses in a choice of five sizes.

Below are the measurements for our water-repelling harnesses. The maximum length of the girth strap is pretty big, there is a lot of scope on that measurement with the way the harness sits.It is unlikely you would want it undone to its maximum, as they are very generous in strap length.

Please note: The neck measurement here is not a collar measurement.

XS- Neck 43cm – Girth 49 – 61cm
S – Neck 48cm – Girth 53cm – 81cm
SM – Neck 51cm – Girth 58cm – 85cm
M – Neck 58cm – Girth 68cm – 96cm
Mdp – Neck 61cm – Girth 67cm – 98cm
L – Neck 75 cm – Girth 75cm – 125cm

How to measure your dogs neck for a foam harness.

Start at the point of the breast bone and pull the tape snugly around the base of the neck and back to the point of the breast bone.

A well fitting harness should be broad enough not to cut into the dog and should not tighten in use. It should sit far enough back so as not to dig in to the dog’s ‘armpits’. When fitted correctly, it should allow the harness to support the dog’s body weight, reducing the damage caused by the dog pulling on its collar and lead.

This harness has a front ring as well as a standard top ring so can also be used for Tellington TTouch ground work, to stop dogs pulling.

This two point contact method was developed by Tellington TTouch (lead attached at one end to the collar and the other end to the harness) to help dogs who naturally pull to stop, no need for choke chains or pinch collars, methods of which we do not recommend.

“TTouch leading techniques improve stance and balance and so can dramatically improve both posture and the behaviour of the dog. Teaching a dog to walk calmly on a leash

This harness is based on sled-dog harness technology and combined with the thinking behind Tellington TTouch groundwork.

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