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The Original Pet Mat – PTC Heated Pet Mat

The Original Pet Mat – PTC Heated Pet Mat



The Original Pet Mat, with the latest PTC Technology. This Pet-Mat with PTC Technology will keep your pets warm throughout the year.  Great for convalescing, arthritic and whelping pets.
Each set includes heating mat and transformer with UK plug. 

Pet-Mat™ is the latest in heating pads for pets utilising the new and advanced technology of Positive Temperature Coefficient heating, resulting in the most economical, self-regulating, high-tech heating mat which is ideal for keeping pets or sick, arthritic animals warm in all weather. It is impossible for the mat to overheat. It also does not emit any EMF which can be harmful and interrupt with Veterinary programs.

The Mat is compact (about 2mm thick), fully flexible, durable, waterproof and most importantly, operates on a low voltage 12 volt system which is entirely safe for all pets.

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) is the new cutting edge technology that has changed the heating industry. It warms gradually, with it’s self controlled heating element that ensures the heat is spread evenly across the whole surface. There is minimal wiring, and it is extremely durable. It’s also low voltage which uses less power than traditional technologies and means you don’t need to worry about electricity costs. Pet-Mats™ are water and corrosion resistant ensuring a long lasting quality product. It is easily washed if soiled.

No thermostat control is necessary as the technical design of the Pet-Mat™ is made to attain a maximum of 40°C whether it is covered or not. We recommend that a thin cloth or towel is used to ensure maximum comfort.

Pet-Mats™ have also been designed to meet stringent electrical UL, CE and ASTM standards AS 335.2.81 which is a standard written for Personal Human Heating Mats.


Convenient Sizes – Sized to Fit All Pets From Small Through to Large

Washable – Can be Safely Washed if Dirty or Soiled

Eco Friendly – Economical to Run and Kind to the Environment

Latest Technology – Incorporating PTC Technology. Self Regulating, Dependable and Safe

Super Safe – Low Voltage System.  No Danger of Electrocution

Safe TechnologyThe Design of The Pet Mat Does Not Allow Overheating

Slim Line Design – Only 2mm Thick and Including Polypropylene Backing

Durable – Extremely Durable, Made From Hardwearing & Flexible Materials



  • Medium: This Pet-Mat (380mm x 270mm) is designed for small to medium sized animals, such as cats and small to medium sized dogs.
  • Large: This Pet-Mat (540mm x 380mm) is designed for medium to large animals, such as medium to large breed dogs (or for two smaller animals to share).




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