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PoochieBells – Classic Durability

A kind way to toilet train your dog

A brilliant innovation making it easy for your dog to let you know he/she wants to go to the loo!

PoochieBells are a great new idea to train your dogs to let you know when they need to go to the toilet. So simple and efficient, just hang them on the door handle or on a hook next to the door and your dog is ready to begin his/her training.
In no time at all your dog will be ringing the bells to let you know when he/she wants to go to the outside.

The top safety loop unsnaps to allow Poochie-Bells to fit onto any style of doorknob or hook and then fastens to prevent your dog pulling them off, ensuring your dog’s safety.
These bells are custom designed for safety, they are lead free and each is inscribed with a paw print showcasing the brand.

Made to accommodate all breeds and ages of dog – from 10 weeks old – remember it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

This collection of PoochieBells are subtle and elegant, they come in a variety of colours to co-ordinate with a variety of home décor styles.
The grosgrain ribbon is printed with a decorative front and solid colour back.
Each set has 4 bells so you can easily hear them ringing, without them being an irritation.

Then with little effort and patience you can train your pooch to ring the bells to let you know when they want to go outside.

The PoochieBells have been featured in many pet and home magazines and sites.

They measure approximately 26” from doorknob or hook.

Lead free, super smooth, safe, reinforced bells are designed especially for your dogs.

Look for the paw print insignia authenticating Poohie-Bells.

You will be amazed at how quickly they learn!

We also do the Bamboo Webbing PoochieBells, click here

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