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Liberty Dog Leash

Liberty Dog Leash



Based on principles developed in Tellington TTouch the Liberty Lead has clips at either end and a sliding handle, which allows for two-points of contact on the dog.
One clip attaches to the back of the harness and the other clip attaches either to the front ring of the harness or the collar.

This allows the dog an element of freedom to find his or her own natural point of balance and teaches the dog naturally not to pull on the lead.

This method is a gentle way to teach your dog to heal, in no time at all your dog will be happily walking by your side, making your trips out more comfortable for you both.

The Liberty lead is practical, hardwearing and comes in a variety of fun colours

The Liberty Leash is available in two width the larger width is for large dogs with big snaps, whilst the smaller width is ideal for small dogs as it come with small lightweight snaps.

These leads are used and recommended by senior Tellington TTouch Instructor Robyn Hood and Instructors Kathy Cascade and Marie Miller.

A variety of fun colours available

Small 5/8

Large 1”

Take a look at the leash in action

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