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Leuchtie Plus LED Dog Collar

Leuchtie Plus LED Dog Collar

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The innovative LED luminous light collars for dogs!

Leuchtie Dog Collars are manufactured exclusively in Germany using only high quality material.

Leuchtie has many technical innovations, for example, the reliable automatic on/off device with micro-sensor (no wear or tear on switches), a special state-of -the-art technology that results in very low energy consumption.
As a result of the double sealing process, the collars are 100% waterproof, moisture and dirt resistant, even swimming is no problem.

The Leuchtie luminous dog collar is fitted by pulling it over the dog’s head.
There is no need to open it except for changing batteries.
As the collars are completely sealed the interior is out of harm’s way and will not be damaged or suffer from corrosion.

The extremely bright Superflux LEDs ensure visibility day and night.
All Leuchtie models provide extremely bright solid light.
Dogs are clearly visible in dusk and dawn over great distances (several hundreds of metres) from all sides.
This visibility ensures increased safety, especially in situations involving  traffic.

Overview of the features:
•    Extremely bright solid light (no irritating blinking)
•    Batteries last much longer due to electronic control
(up to 100 hours using 2 AAA/micro batteries)
•    Easy to use – just slip the collar over the dog’s head and it switches on automatically
•    100% waterproof, moisture and dirt resistant, even swimming is no problem
•    Robust and durable design for everyday use in all weathers
•    Simple to clean – just use water
•    Patented stick-bend technology ensuring proper contact
•    Reliable automatic on/off device with micro-sensor
(no wear and tear of switches or contact fatigue from frequent opening)

The Leuchtie luminous dog collars are extremely bright, have constant light, water resistant and easy to clean.

Switching on and off automatically – low battery consumption.
The Leuchtie Plus extra low energy consumption operates on 2 alkaline batteries type AAA/Micro and last for 100 hours

We offer them in two colours and 5 sizes.

Choosing a size
Please remember that the measurement is the ‘head’ measurement, not ‘neck’ measurement. The size of the collar should be such that it just fits over the dog’s head but does not easily slip off.


Neon Green

Tip on sizing your dog for the Leuchtie collar!

Make your normal dogs collar just large enough to slip over his/her head without undoing (making sure that it is large enough to go easily over your dogs ears without stressing him/her) Measure the inside of the collar and then round up to the nearest Leuchtie size!

Its as simple as that to make your dog visibly safe!

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