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Fleece Dog Training and Walking Leads

Fleece Dog Training and Walking Leads



Fleece Dog Double Ended Training Leads

These ¾” and 1″ Fleece leads are double ended having an attachment clip on both ends, allowing you to attach to one or two points of a harness.

The Fleece dog leads can be used as a long lead or a shorter lead if required.

Made from 2m of polar fleece (excluding the clips) and a webbing cover, it is comfortable on your hands and has a multitude of uses.

You can attach the leads to both the chest area and the back of the harness, or to the collar and chest, whichever works for your dog, helping to train your dog not to pull but to walk nicely at your heel.

This is a very gentle and kind way of assisting your dog to understand what you wish him to do.

A harness is a kinder way of walking your dog, as it takes the pressure away from the neck, and is especially significant for dogs that have an inclination to pull.

At Mad About a Dog we do not agree with the use of punishing methods to get your dog to walk at heel, such as choke chains or pinch collars.

The XtraDog Fleece and Foam harness used with the double ended lead is a very efficient and quick way of training your dog.
You will be surprised at just how quickly your dog will get the message.
It can be almost instantaneous, after all your dogs just want to please you and once they realise what it is you want of them your walks together will be so much more enjoyable for everyone.

We also do the Fleece Harnesses in matching colours.


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