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We all love to play fetch with our dogs, but hate picking up a slobbery disc over and over again?

Fetchbee is the answer!

The safe, durable, Fetchbee disc is the disc dogs love to fetch.
It’s especially popular with dog owners, too, as it’s easier on your back and knees.
The Fetchbee arm quickly clips to the Fetchbee disc from a standing position.
That means no more bending all the way over to pick up a disc which can wear you out more than your dog!
The easy-to-use Fetchbee arm might even help you throw straighter and farther.
It’s great interactive fun for you and your dog.
The Fetchbee is also great for playing catch with family and friends.

The easiest and most fun way to throw a disc.

• Say goodbye to the days of touching a slobbered disc
• Fetchbee arm comfortably clips onto disc from standing position
• Made with material that is safe for your pets
• Great to play with friends
• Fetchbee disc also floats in water

Two colours available: Blue & Yellow

The perfect way to enjoy playing with your dog, he/she will have so much fun!

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