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Buddyrider Dog Bicycle Seat

Buddyrider Dog Bicycle Seat

(15 customer reviews)



Update!  Buddyriders are in stock!  

If comfort and safety are priorities for you and your best friend then there is no better alternative than the Buddyrider™ pet seat. Suitable for dogs weighing up to 11.5kg (25lbs)
Your dog sits in a comfortable position safely strapped in making the experience very enjoyable for both of you.
The unique design has been engineered to fit almost any modern adult bicycle, with a measurement of at least 48cm (19″) between the seat post and the handlebar stem.

Center mounted seats for children, and in this case for pets, have proven to be far superior to those mounted behind the bicycle seat and also those mounted on the handlebars.
It gives the rider much better control because of where the extra weight is positioned over the center of the bicycle.
Also allowing you to be able to see them at all times is a bonus.

Will the Buddyrider fit my bike?


If you have a carbon fibre seat post you must replace it with an aluminium or steel seat post.

That’s a good question, one that we get asked quite often. The attached is a step by step way to get a good idea if it will work for you. Please Click Here to download the instructions for measuring your Bike.

The Buddyrider™ Bicycle Pet Seat is a fun way to safely take your dog along with you on a bike ride.
Unlike other bicycle dog carriers on the market such as the more traditional front mounted bike basket for dogs, and any rear mounted dog seat, Buddyrider™ is mounted over the center of the bike so the extra weight has virtually no effect on handling.
For larger breeds, the dog trailer is ideal, but for smaller dogs weighing up to 11.5kg (25 pounds) there is no better alternative than the Buddyrider™.

Now they can enjoy your cycling trips with you on their very own bicycle dog seat.

For added comfort we also sell the Buddy Booster cushion which is ideal for smaller dogs, a custom fitted cushion for dogs weighing 12 pounds (5.5kg) or less.

Additional Receivers
Each Buddyrider comes with its own Receiver.
Additional Receivers can also be purchased so your Buddyrider can be transferred quickly and easily to other bikes

If you decide to purchase a Buddyrider™, I’m sure you will have many hours of healthy outdoor enjoyment with your best friend.

Safety and Installation Instructions

Read instructions carefully before placing a pet in this seat. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious injury. By attaching the Buddyrider pet seat to a bicycle you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the warnings and instructions, and understand the inherent dangers that may be associated with transporting a pet on a bicycle. Only experienced adult cyclists, who are very confident in their abilities as a rider should transport a pet using this seat.

  • Click Here for a printable copy of the following instructions
  • See last 8 stamp images above showing sequence of fitting Buddyrider to bike.

Installation instructions

  1. Assemble the seat by raising the front platform and securing the centre support arm with one of the supplied screws and a washer. (See Fig 1. above)
  2. Attach the metal bar to your bicycle seat post. There must be at least 1¾ inches of post exposed below the seat to make this connection. Keep this connection as high up the seat post as possible. This will give the rider more legroom when peddling.
  3. Position the pet seat on the metal bar as far forward as possible without causing any interference with the steering post or handle bars of the bicycle.
  4. Make a small pencil mark on the metal bar right behind the pet seat.
  5. Remove the pet seat and also the metal bar using the quick release pin.
  6. Position the pet seat on the metal bar in the same position as it was while on the bicycle and turn both of them upside down. Slide the pet seat along the metal bar as if to cover the pencil mark until four of the drill holes simultaneously line up with the screw sockets on the bottom of the pet seat.
  7. Using four of the screws and washers provided, mount the pet seat to the metal bar. Make sure all four screws are in position before tightening.

Steps 1 through 7 should never need to be re-done unless the pet seat is mounted on a different size bicycle, in which case the four screws may have to be re-located in different holes to adjust the length.

  1. Install the assembled pet seat to the bicycle using the quick release pin and be sure to secure that with the cotter pin provided or a small pad lock.

Safety Harness – Install and connect as shown
Your pet must be secured in the seat at all times using the safety harness provided.

  1. Place your pet in the seat in a sitting position as far back in the seat as possible.
  2. Connect and position the rear buckle over your pet’s shoulders and adjust the rear straps equally.
  3. Position the collar strap around your pet’s neck so it is just below your pet’s own collar. Connect the front buckle and adjust the collar strap to size.
  4. When your pet is in the sitting position with their front legs along the upper platform or straight down, adjust the front straps equally so your pet is restrained from standing.

Just like a seat belt on a child car seat, this harness is designed to limit unnecessary movement so your pet remains in a safe position to enjoy the ride.

By purchasing this product, you accept the following terms:

  • If you choose to purchase and install the Buddyrider pet seat, you do so at your own risk. Cycling can be inherently dangerous especially when carrying passengers or cargo of any kind. You must wear protective gear at all times (helmet etc.)
  • You indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the owners, directors, employees, and or any other representatives of Mad About A Dog Ltd, CDC Creations Inc,  Buddyrider Inc, Buddyrider CO & Buddyrider EU from damage caused or injury sustained through the use of the Buddyrider pet seat. Furthermore you assume all risks associated with the fitting and use of the Buddyrider pet seat.
  • You Must, prior to using, check all the components of the seat and ensure the seat is secure to the bicycle and no parts are cracked, loose, missing, or broken.
  • Due to the size and weight associated with transporting a pet on a bicycle, extreme care must be taken at all times. The rider may be required to make quick corrective action when the pet moves its weight.
  • Care should be taken when placing your pet into the seat, and also when removing them. This should be done in a safe place away from distractions such as other pets and traffic.
  • Initial rides should be brief, over smooth ground, in a safe location and away from all distractions.
  • Increase the duration only when both rider and pet become accustomed and confidant.
  • You must never leave a pet unattended in this seat. Due to the higher center of gravity, a bicycle may fall over if parked on its stand or without proper support.
  • You must not allow your pet to become a distraction when riding. Keep your focus on the safe operation of your bicycle, the rules of the road, the environment around you and other cyclists, pedestrians and vehicular traffic

Now you will never have to leave your dog at home when out on your bike trips, he/she too can enjoy the ride!

UK delivery is £8.99 and is dispatched using Parcelforce 24hr

Will my dog fit the Buddyrider

Story of Buddyrider 2012

Buddyrider video

Video for assemble

See this great dog bike carrier in use

Click here to see video of Buddyrider in use

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

15 reviews for Buddyrider Dog Bicycle Seat

  1. stephanie coltman (verified owner)

    My westie poo loves the buddyrider. We have been on fabulous bike trails with him in it. Quite tricky to get him in it but it’s improving with practice. I am using a drop handlebar bike and this works well for me It has brought us so many comments about how wonderful it is on our trips!

  2. Cheryl Noble (verified owner)

    So glad to hear your poodle is loving the Buddyrider. I hope you have many great adventures together!


  3. STOCKY8A (verified owner)

    I bought a buddyrider about a week ago for my toy poodle she loves it and jump up at me to get in the seat. Was delivered in 3 days of me ordering. well packaged and easy to to together. Is very secure & stable I cannot tell the difference in riding with it on & dog in I have (pic & video) of my dog loving riding in

  4. Cheryl Noble (verified owner)

    That’s great to hear Suzy! I hope Dave has many great adventures on his Buddyrider!

  5. Cheryl Noble (verified owner)

    Many thanks for the feedback Paul! Delighted to hear Teddy is enjoying his Buddyrider! I hope you have many bike rides together!

  6. Suzy Bisiker (verified owner)

    OMG – it’s amazing 💕💕

    Dave totally loves it!!
    After a cruciate operation this is the perfect fix – allowing us all to still go on adventures!!!
    The build quality is excellent & the fixture is so simple…
    I would highly recommend this item!

  7. Paul (verified owner)

    Teddy (an 8kg Cavapoo) loves his Buddyrider. Thank you Cheryl from for fantastic customer service. Really easy to fit and we cannot wait to take him on a longer bike ride this weekend.

  8. Georgina (verified owner)

    Monty loves his Buddyrider, and so do we. I can see easily over him (and his flappy ears) and he thoroughly enjoys his rides out. He also enjoys everyone telling him how lovely he looks on his rider as well. Great customer service from Jacqui, who kept us informed throughout the whole buying process.

  9. Michael Button (verified owner)

    I have to say I’m amazed at how good the Buddyrider is. It was very easy to fit (I have a Kalkhoff electric bike) and my dog, Harvey, really enjoys riding around facing forward and getting a lot of attention from lots of people! Prior to this he rode around in a basket on the front of the bike but this is much more secure and we both feel a lot safer. A great way to take your dog around with you on your bike. Highly recommended.

  10. Paul Robinson (verified owner)

    The Buddyrider is absolutely fantastic! I put mine onto my Brompton fold up bike – it was very easy to fit, taking about 5 minutes, my dog Meryl was straight in and we were off. The shape of the seat is very good and Meryl feels very safe … she was immediately relaxed and sat patiently as I paraded her around the common. Lots of fab feedback from walkers! 😛. Absolutely delighted, surpassed my expectations. Worth every penny.

  11. sally (verified owner)

    Thought my nervous dog would initially hate it and we would have to endure a long ‘getting used to it’ period. However, first night out, she settled to 40 mins ride around town, enjoying barking (rather superiorly) at every other dog walking around. She is secure and the bike remains easy to control, just a bit heavier. I am pretty short but could easily see over her flapping ears and fluffy hair. Today, we did a 30-miler and she was fine – alert to squirrels, pheasant and sheep, of course. Had to wait a while for new stock to arrive but communication was excellent and it was worth the wait.

  12. Paul W. (verified owner)

    “What can I say; a fantastic product and well worth the wait, my dog Buddy loves the rider and it’s also named after him too!
    Great service from “” and excellent communication, would have no problem ordering again from you. – thanks”

  13. Delwyn (verified owner)

    A fantastic product – worth waiting for. My cairn terrier Buddy loves it .

  14. Charlie

    My owners (mum and dad) purchased the buddy rider with booster seat for me. I’ve got to say initially I was very scared as they tried to introduce me to it when it was not on a bike just on the floor and so it was very wobbly.
    BUT now wow ! They have put it on dads bike and have been on a number of trips. I have had so much attention well I think it’s me but other dog owners just want to know from dad where he bought it.
    I hear him say on the internet from care4dogs and what a fantastic service it was.
    Just to say to all dog mum and dads out there go get one for your pooch and have some fun. Your pooch will love it 🐶

  15. Nick

    : Bought two Buddyriders from Jacqui, well what can i say rapid response to emails and calls absolute professional response with a hint of friend, the service is one of the best i have had so far and postage well Jacqui said a week to Cyprus which i was sceptical about but true to her word a week, the buddyrider is absolutely phenomenal our dogs love then and are so at ease going for a ride most folks in Aradippou have not seen one so we are getting lots of attention at the moment well i say we i think its more the dogs.
    thanks Jacqui and care 4 dogs on the go
    Regards Nick and Kay

  16. Nicolas Vassiliou

    A GREAT product, easy to use and our little dogs George and Suki love it Looking forward to some great days in the Cyprus weather so we can do some serious cycling together.The product itself is well engineered and feels very safe and secure. On top of that, the service from Jacqui was second to none Great customer service I would recommend the Buddyrider and this site to all my friends. Thank you care4dogs onthego and Jacqui

  17. Lorna

    A GREAT product, easy to use and my little dog Ted loves it Looking forward to some dry weather so we can do some serious cycling together.Great customer service I would recommend the Buddyrider and this site to all my friends. Thank you care4dogsonthego

  18. Lisa (verified owner)

    This Is fantastic! We tried out a friends buddyrider after my dog cried and yelped the whole time in a rear mounted basket. We had to give up with the basket, she was so distressed. In the buddyrider she is calm, quiet and just seems to enjoy the view. We love it! The product itself is well engineered and feels very safe and secure. On top of that, the service from Jacqui was second to none! Knowing that I was in a rush to get the buddyrider before my holiday, she emailed me with regular updates re delivery. I can’t recommend both the product and this supplier highly enough

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