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AKC Calming Coat Anti-Anxiety Coat for Dogs

AKC Calming Coat Anti-Anxiety Coat for Dogs



The Kindest Way to Ease your Dog’s Fears

••• Veterinary Approved •••

Many dogs suffer from anxiety, whether it’s caused by travel, separation or fear.

The Calm Coat’s design exerts pressure on your dog, like a gentle hug.
This pressure, similar to swaddling a new-born baby, calms your dog and reduces anxiety, easing your dog’s fears gently and safely.

There is research to show that gentle pressure will help dogs with anxiety and for many years, vets, trainers, behaviourist and Tellington TTouch practitioners have been using gentle pressure as an effective solution.

Pressure wraps are also known in many cases to be more effective than veterinary prescribed medication which is why vets both sides of the Atlantic recommend pressure wraps to help nervous and anxious dog.

The AKC Calming Coat is a wonderful, safe and drug free, behaviour modification tool that works great with both dogs and cats.

Behaviour problems such as fear, anxiety and shyness are the root of a lot of unwanted behaviours, it’s really been proven to me through the people who use the AKC Calming Coat as well as on my own dog that the hugging and constant pressure of the AKC Calming Coat significantly decreases anxiety, fear and the unwanted behaviours that go along with it.

The Calm Coat is endorsed by the American Kennel Club, and provides relief from:

• Noise Sensitivity, Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Vacuum Cleaners, Lawn Mowers, Traffic, etc.
• Travel Anxiety, Travel Sickness
• Separation Anxiety
• Hyperactivity
• Severe Shaking
• Pulling on the Lead
• Fear of Crates
• Excessive Barking
• Fear of Training Class and the Vet
• Reactivity
• …And much more …

X-Small Girth 33cm-46 cm – Weight 4.5kg – 8kg
Small Girth 41cm – 58 cm – Weight 7kg – 11kg
Medium Girth 46cm – 66cm – Weight 9kg – 22.5kg
Large Girth 61cm – 81cm – Weight 18kg – 32kg
X-Large Girth 76cm – 102cm Weight 27kg – 45kg

Royal Blue

I have a very nervous little Chug “Bertie”  and I found this Calming coat very helpfull for him, it definitely calms him down.

Please read this info on calming your dog

Take a peep at this video

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